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Have a flat tire? Don’t waste a perfectly good tire when you can have it repaired for less. Get your tire patched and repaired today.

Top Quality Tire Repair Services

No matter how smooth a road may seem there is always the risk of experiencing some tire damage. Between nails, broken glass, screws or even the occasional potholes, driving anywhere can run you the risk of damaging your tires. Whether you have a flat, your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light is on, or your tire looks low, we can help. We provide the best tire repair service in the New Port Richey area.

Continuing to drive on a damaged tire can lead to additional damage to your tire or wheel which could result in costly repairs or replacement. A damage tire could also lead to an accident so it’s best to have your tires checked at the first sign of trouble. In many cases the tire can be repaired with a simple patch and tire plug if the damage is caught early.

Get your tires fixed for less with free inspection and tire pressure checks!

Get the Best Tire Service in New Port Richey

At Used Tire Warehouse we pride ourselves in providing the best service possible and have been providing tire services for over 45 years! We are a family owned and operated company. So if you need your tires inspected or repaired there’s no better place to turn to than Used Tire Warehouse for:

  • Tire Plugging & Patching
  • Tire Pressure Checks
  • Tire Balancing/Rotating

Don’t risk costly damage to your vehicle or unsafe driving by putting off a tire repair, bring your vehicle in today and have one of our experienced technicians take a look.

Competitive Pricing on All Tire Services

Not only do we provide excellent service but we are also well known for having the best prices around. Whether you only need a simple repair or need to replace a tire, you can be to get a great deal at Used Tire Warehouse.

Our amazing prices are not only available on our repairs but also extend to both our new and used tire sales. So no matter what kind of tire problem you have, you know you can have it taken care of quickly, professionally and at a great price.

Call or come by today for all your tire needs.

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